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All of our editors are saved, born-again Christians who have focused their lives on service to God. We are Christians helping Christians publish their works.

There is a shortage of Christian authors in this world and there are plenty of wonderful works to be written. Many Bible-believing people have great ideas and desire to write books, but never do because of the overwhelming fact that finding a publishing company that will promote and publish their work is slim to none. That is why we started Best Christian Editing. It is our goal to help Christians publish their books while also helping their wallet.

The world has no shortage of authors; it’s time Christians published their works too.



With their combined experience and writing knowledge, our editors have proofread and published an impressive number of literary works. 

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Jennifer Walter

Senior Editor

Mrs. Jennifer Walter has been serving the Lord in the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 2018. Her six children have been well-raised and have a heart for the things of God. 

She has been an editor, proofreader, and copywriter for many years, and has copy edited many books, magazines, and even websites. In addition to proofreading her husband’s literatrue, she has also worked on almost every issue of the Save New England Quarterly Magazine. She brings professionalism and copy editing together in a way that seems incredibly classy.

Paul Chapman

Owner | Senior Editor | Author

Pastor Paul Chapman serves in the great state of Rhode Island at Curtis Corner Baptist Church. In addition, he has three wonderful children and a love for people and pastors that is unmatched. His burden to help the pastors of New England reach the world for Christ has manifested itself partially in the establishment of the Save New England Quarterly Magazine. 

Pastor Chapman brings years of experience and expertise to the table in the form of writing, marketing, and advertising. Once a finished product goes out to the consumer, he is equipped to promote the literature to the correct audience. 

Jacob Berry

Layout & Design Editor | Author

Pastor Jacob Berry is the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Waterville, Maine. He has always had a passion for souls and for helping those in need. Though he is the newest addition to our team, he brings with him a great amount of enthusiasm and energy.

He has proven himself more than capable of performing exceptionally well in the art of graphic design and layout. His ability to create an eye-catching and engaging graphic for virtually any need is professional in every way. 


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