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Why Is There A Need For An Editor?

Getting a second opinion is always a good idea. Even with a strong background in the English language and have an above average knowledge of grammatical structure and punctuation, your work is personal. You put the effort into your work and you know exactly what you mean to say. This fact makes it impossible to edit your own work well. While you might understand exactly what you meant or are trying to say, the reader might become confused by it. An editor will be able to give an objective review of your work while also working to improve the message you have worked so hard to convey. The purpose of an editor is to bring confusing sentences to light, find differences in the grammar used, erase redundancies, and point out errors in logical progression, and spot any contradictions.

Their purpose is simply to refine the work to make you look the best you possibly can. If you have ever read a book that is not edited well, you know how unprofessional and sloppy it makes the author look. Our editors always do their best to make the best looking, professional manuscript while keeping your message the same. 

What Editing Services Does Best Christian Editing Offer?

We offer 4 different levels of editing to choose from.

Our proofreading services are designed to help refine your work. It is a final review of your manuscript that checks for spelling, grammar, consistency, usage, and typos.

Our copyediting services are designed to take a closer look at your work. This level of editing checks for everything included with our proofreading services plus clarity, flow, sentence structure, point of view (fiction), audience address (non-fiction), word choice, and dialogue. This level of service gives a new look to your work. This package is ideal for longer manuscripts such as a self-help book, novels, autobiographies, in-depth guides, a collection of short stories, biographies, and longer devotionals.

Our content editing services provide a detailed edit of your work. This package checks everyting included in both the copyediting and proofreading services with the addition of style, research and fact checking, organization, timelines, poor phrasing and word choice, poor logic, formatting consistency, and up to two edits of the work. This setup is perfect for longer works like self-help books, novels, autobiographies, biographies, in-depth guides, longer devotionals, or collections of short stories. 

Our comprehensive editing services are for completed texts that need a pick-me-up. We offer a complete revision of the manuscript that keeps the vision you have for the work. This is for those who may not be a writer. This level includes everything in our content editing services along with a restructure and re-write, where necessary, to spotlight your message. This allows you to have a more professional and experienced feel to the reader. This also includes up to three complete edits for your approval. 

How Do I Submit My Work To You?

Once you contact us via the “Contact Us” page, we will ask you to send us a sample of your work via email. In most cases, we will ask for the first 15 pages.

Do You Offer A Ghostwriting Service?

Not at this time. We would like to in the future, but are unable to with our current staff.

What Format Do You Require The Manuscript To Be Written In?

Preferably, we would like the manuscript in a Microsoft Word format (.docx, .doc).

What Is The Editing Process, Start to Finish?

The following is the editing process we use

    • Contact us using the “Contact Us” page.
    • An email will be sent to you at the email address provided from the contact page with a request for a sample of your manuscript.
    • Once you send us the sample, we will do a sample edit of roughly between 500 and 700 words.
    • We will send the sample edit back to you and discuss the levels of editing that your manucript might need. We will then be able to give you an exact quote based on your total word count.
    • Once an agreed level of editing is reached and a contract signed, the rest of the manuscript is sent to the editor along with the first agreed upon payment. 
    • The editor begins editing, keeping the author informed of his or her progress.
    • The edited manuscript is returned to the author for review.
    • The author and editor work together throughout the course of each editing stages, noting any of the author’s concerns and problem areas in the manuscript.
    • A second edit of the manuscript will begin if the editor has been retained for Content and Comprehensive Editing.
    • The final edit of the manuscript is then returned to the author.
Do You Edit Non-Religious Works or Refuse To Edit Certain Manuscripts?

We do edit non-Christian texts. We also reserve the right to refuse to edit any particular work for any reason. Specifically, if any text violates our Statement of Faith or contains criminal activity, inappropriate sexual content, profanity, is morally objectionable, or promotes anti-Christian sentiments, beliefs, or practices, we will refuse to edit it.

We also reserve the right to define any of the mentioned reasons according to the dictates of our own conscience. In addition to the reasons already given, we will refuse to edit certain manuscripts that may fall outside of our expertise.

Can I Call You During The Editing Process?

Communication between Editor and Client is critical during the editing process. To give effective direction and understanding in an appropriate manner for both parties, most communction will occur via email. Phone calls will be limited to no more than three instances during the editing process. This helps us not to slow progress or to waste the Editor’s time.

We often do an initial consultation phone call after the sample edit is complete to allow you to ask your editor any questions you may have. 

Is There A Package With Unlimited Edits?

No. Most everyone could revise many times before agreeing that everything was perfect. 

To keep our prices as low as they are we have to manage our time efficiently and spread it over our current clients. All our packages have a limited number of edits, depending on which package you choose. 

If, due to the edits we make, you make substantial revisions to your manuscript, the cost can go up as we will charge for editing the revisions as added to the overall word count. Even though you may decide to delete and rewrite words, it will be considered new material and may increase the cost of editing.

Minor revisions made by authors are already included in our estimate, so additional charges will not be made.

To offset this issue, do at least two revisions of your work yourself, making it into the best version you possible can before sending it to us. We would also recommend using a beta reading team to catch any major issues so that you can address them before submitting to an editor. 

The less our editors have to do, the less the author has to spend. 

How Do You Use Microsoft Track Changes?

Microsoft Word has a very intuitive feature called Track Changes that allows us to edit your manuscript. Track Changes allows the author to see each edit that an editor makes and gives the change to accept or reject those changes.

The edited manuscript often goes through several edits of track changes and is usually done in increments of 10,000 words.

Can I Submit My Book In A Format Other Than Microsoft Word?

Typically, no. The editing features given on Word are incredibly comprehensive and, to help with consistency to everyone, we only use Microsoft Word for all editing projects.

You should convert your text to Word before submitting, but keep in mind, there can be several formatting issues that occur when this happens. If you wish to see the edits clearly, you will need to download Microsoft Word in order to use the track changes feature.

The manuscript must have a file extension of .docx for it to be in Word format. 

How Do I Pay And Do I Have To Pay Up Front?

Each Editor  will work on a payment plan with you. Often, there is a down payment and then payments are made throughout the editing process. Typically for jobs under $500, we require half up front and half upon completion of the work.

Payment methods (will be updated at a later time)

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