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We have many members of our team that are dedicated to providing the best service in every way possible. With that being the case, we have a multitude of ways that we can help meet your writing needs that are beyond just design and editing. Featured below are some of our other services that we offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Our coaching services for our clients are tuned for their specific needs. There is no cookie cutter approach to writing, so there can not be one in teaching someone to write. If you are interested in writing a book but do not know where to start, our coaching plan is what you need.


Do you have the perfect song but need some finishing touches? Our songwriting services can help you. 

We can help with every stage of the song writing process. Whether it is turning your words into a soothing melody or you have need for a full song for a special occasion, our songwriters can help you achieve your goals.


Do you have an article, sermon, or book that you’d like to make available in Spanish? Contact us to make that happen.


Perhaps you have finished your first draft, or need some advice before you pay for editing or send your work to a publisher. Whatever case is we are here to help you. Our experienced editors and proofreaders can help you get through the process of finalizing your work.


The audiobook industry in recent days has skyrocketed in popularity. Almost the same amount of audiobooks are sold as paperback or hardback editions. To have an audio format of your book would be to double your outreach. We can help you facilitate the process of recording and publishing your book in audio form.

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